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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy describes how 12th Wonder, (referred to as "we," "us," or "our") collects and uses personal data provided by users on our websites, including, and when you are in contact or interact with 12th Wonder LLC, including via our corporate communication channels. This policy outlines how we collect, process, and protect personal data and provides information about your rights regarding your personal information.

1. What personal information do we collect and use?

We gather personal data that you furnish to us, such as your name and contact details. This information is willingly provided by you when you express interest in learning more about us, our product TITAN, and the associated services. The specific personal information we gather depends on your interactions with us and the Sites, the choices you make, and your use of our products and features.

The personal data we may collect encompasses the following: your first and last name, email address, phone number, and similar contact details. This information is exclusively gathered for service-related purposes and is maintained under strict confidentiality agreements.

It is essential that all personal information provided to us remains truthful, complete, and accurate. Any changes to this information should be promptly communicated to us.

2. How Do We Obtain Your Personal Data?

You may provide us with personal data when you use our services, or while you schedule a demo to witness TITAN’s functionalities.

3. What Personal Data We Collect?

We collect and use the following types of personal data:

  • Contact and Position Information: Full name, professional title, corporate email, phone number, and company name.
  • Network and Additional Data: IP address, cookie identifiers, and profile image.

4. How We Use Your Personal Data

We will collect, utilize, and retain personal data to fulfill our contractual obligations. For instance, this includes corresponding with you regarding your or your company's subscription or demo of our product TITAN. Even in the absence of a formal contract, we will gather, employ, and preserve the personal data listed to communicate with you regarding our products and services. This processing of your personal information aligns with our legitimate interest in operating, expanding, and enhancing our business. We have conducted a thorough evaluation to ensure that our legitimate interests do not outweigh your interests or fundamental rights, which necessitate safeguarding personal information. For details on this assessment, please contact us using the provided contact information.

Irrespective of our existing relationship, we may also collect, employ, and retain your personal data for the following supplementary purposes:

  • Addressing inquiries or concerns related to the collection, storage, and use of your personal data, as well as requests for information we hold about you. We may process your personal data for these customer service purposes, guided by our legitimate interests.
  • Conducting internal corporate reporting, managing business operations, ensuring adequate insurance coverage, safeguarding company facilities, advancing research and development, and identifying and implementing operational efficiencies. We may process your personal data for these purposes in line with our legitimate interests.
  • Adhering to applicable procedures, laws, and regulations, which may include cases where compliance is in our legitimate interests or the interests of others, as well as when it is legally mandated.
  • Establishing, exercising, or defending our legal rights, whether we reasonably consider this necessary for our legitimate interests, the interests of others, or legal obligations.

5. How and Why We Share Your Personal Data with Others?

We collect your data solely for the TITAN demo and do not share it with third parties. Your data will not be disclosed without your consent or for legitimate business purposes.

6. Standard Contractual Clauses

Global Operations & Data Transfers: Our offices in the USA, India, Côte D’Ivoire, and Japan, ensures data protection compliance, including transfers from the EEA to the USA and India, using Standard Contractual Clauses and safeguards. Our commitment to data privacy extends to recognized jurisdictions like Côte D’Ivoire and Japan. Collaborate with our experts to meet evolving legal requirements under the GDPR and other regulations.

7. User Access and Choice

  • 12th Wonder LLC respects your authority over your data. You can request information about the presence of your personal data, and if it changes or you no longer want our service, you can update, amend, delete, or deactivate it through your member information page or by reaching out to us at We'll respond to your request within 30 days.
  • We send various updates, services, and emails. You have the choice to opt-out at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions in our emails, adjusting your preferences in your account settings, or contacting us at Your preferences matter to us.

8. Updates to this Privacy Policy

We may update this privacy policy to reflect changes in our data practices. If we make significant changes, we will notify you or provide information about the changes on our website.

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