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Test Lab Management,  Labs need to make the best use of all available resources.  With healthy running of labs and optimized utilization,  keep the downtimes to minimum. 

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Change test lab

You can create test labs and configure its capabilities.

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Schedule maintenance

You can schedule maintenance that will be displayed on the calendar

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Watch live

You can view the test executions live and be virtually present for test execution.

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Schedule calibration

You can view the recurring calibrations for the equipment in a lab

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Configure lab timings

You can define the operational hours of the lab and schedule test as per the lab timings

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Define roles and
assign users

You can configure the person in charge, technicians, and
schedulers for a lab

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Configure lab capabilities

You can define how many tests can be run in the lab at an instance to trigger conflict warnings

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Maintenance and calibration records

You can keep all the details of the task in context and access
them easily.

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Conflict notification

You can prevent over booking with smart conflict detection for
the lab

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Smart permissions

You can determine the level of user access for each lab and configure what the
user can do

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