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Inventory Management– Never Run Out of Consumable Material Again with Titan!

Titan Inventory Management: Track, Reserve, and Reorder Consumables Hassle-Free

In addition to its full end-to-end test management capability, Titan also features a robust Inventory module. Now you can manage all the consumable items that are critical to your test processes! Avoid situations when important testing can’t move forward because you’ve run out of fuel, batteries, sensors, or some other required material. The Inventory module that comes built-in with Titan can help manage inventory before a shortage is encountered. 


The Inventory module can help with the following: 

  • Store Critical Information: Within the Titan Inventory module, you can store your current on-hand inventory level as well as order level quantity, vendor information, and item location. Organize your material by creating custom groups within Titan; this can facilitate how you count or store material. This information makes re-ordering materials a snap when you reach specified on-hand levels. 

  • Reserve Material during Planning: Reserving material from within a Test Request or Work Order is a powerful feature within Titan. Engineers and technicians can identify the consumable items required for their testing and reserve those items while creating or editing a Test Request. By including the consumables within the Test Request, the inventory on-hand count is reduced, ensuring additional material will be ordered when a minimum on-hand quantity is reached. Users can then review inventory counts to see how much material has been reserved, which test requests and work orders have reserved material, and decide if more material should be ordered. Having this capability integrated into Titan makes inventory a non-issue.  

  • Your Items Matter: Your organization may already be using an inventory management system, but often the material used in testing is ignored as it is not considered “direct” material (direct material are the parts that are used on the items you manufacture). Instead of buying another system or modifying an existing system to accommodate your testing material, the management of inventory is included in the Titan license -- no need for additional funding! 


In addition to the valuable features above, Titan can also help with the following: 

  • Track Individual Items:  Do you manage valuable or sensitive material that must be tracked individually, by serial number or some other method? The Titan Inventory module can monitor usage of these critical items at an individual level. 

  • Utilize Bar Codes:  With Titan, users have the flexibility to generate new barcodes or seamlessly integrate existing ones, facilitating effortless location and management of parts and inventory. 

  • Stock Taking:  Titan is equipped with the capability to autonomously track and update inventory levels for all parts at intervals set by the user, ensuring continuous and accurate stock management. 

  • Reports:  Critical inventory levels are flagged to ensure appropriate order levels are maintained; all part of the robust reporting capability that Titan already features.  

Titan already had many out-of-the-box components, and its inventory capability is a bonus for engineering teams who may not have considered using an application to manage their consumables. Its best-practice inventory functions and the integration of item reservation makes Titan a compelling tool to utilize for consumables items management.


Do not be caught short-handed – utilize the Inventory capability built within the Titan application! 

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