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TITAN in Automotive Industry

Explore a world of futuristic testing process that can be integrated to your existing system and convert your facility into a smart testing center. Evaluate Your Vehicle Components to meet the new standards for Automotive Functional Safety. With our expert testing services, we can help you achieve Certification Services for Global Testing.



Our Project management module helps you to create a project easily with a limited number of clicks and prioritize their practical use by assisting you to plan, schedule, scope, track and manage budget exactly from the commencement. You can increase your opportunities of achieving the desired outcome with our simple yet powerful project management tool.


TITAN’s central repository for planned series of project activities

Project planning and organizing


We take end to end care of vehicle modification

We take end to end care of vehicle construction

Prototype & Test Setup

TITAN’s Prototype management module focuses on helping engineers and designers to turn a concept into a functioning item. Using the prototype module, the development team can capture information or gather feedbacks from the users or clients if there are any changes they may want to implement before it proceeds on developing the final product.

Test  Area & Equipment Management

Various test types can be requested in the TITAN’s test request module and performed in the test facility. The Test Request Module provides clear objective for the test being performed and outlines the tasks assigned to all parties.

From procurement to retirement, every step of the product life cycle must be carefully monitored. With our equipment management software, you can effectively manage all assets like seamlessly schedule, assign, and track equipment, schedule their maintenance and manage work orders with ease.


Empowering test centers with equipment digitization

Build a data culture - maintenance and manage work orders with ease.


Prepare accurate project report on any testing activity being carried out in the test facility

Efficient test data management system helps in searching, reusing, processing and querying the stored data.

Test Data & Reports

TITAN’s Test Data & Reports functionality eliminates stressful efforts and saves time required for report preparation. The system is capable of finding, compiling and reusing the test information & data to generate useful reports. We have configurable report templates available that you can upload in the system based on your needs.


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