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Test Incident Management, An effective and systematic way to detect, track and respond to all the issues that underlie in a project. Incidents and concerns can be dependent on requirements, task or resources.

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Incident dashboard

You can visualize all the Test Incidents related to the team, individual team members, or to the individual or team the incidents are assigned to for resolution.

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Create incidents from test

You can create an incident from a test and skip entering all the meta data twice.

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Link incidents

Ensure no duplications occur by linking multiple similar or identical incidents together and keep the context in
one place.

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Judge & categorize

After recording the information related to the test incident, assign it to the appropriate individual to judge and assess whether it is a Concern.

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Add watchers to incidents
so email notifications for important updates are automatically sent to users, like being assigned a new incident or when status changes for an incident.

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Assign the team

You can assign an incident to another user or group and collaborate in real time

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Comment on incidents

You can comment on incidents and keep all the details of communication regarding the incidents together in one place and in context.


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