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Reporting, part of a management control system that provides business information. The system is designed to assist members of the management by providing timely pertinent information.

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Facility reports

At a glance, you can find out the available capacity of each of your test facilities. See which test centers are performing well and where additional resources are needed. Quickly evaluate which facility are meeting their expected start/finish dates and which are exceeding the duration of time expected to complete tasks.

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Test Reports

You can create reports to view the test request statistic

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Create incidents from test

Automate your Test Reports to increase accuracy and reduce your overall staff workload. The greatest benefit of TITAN is all your information is kept together in one central location and can be easily called forward into the creation of your Formal Test Reports. Nowhere is this more critical than for the purposes of demonstrating regulatory compliance and homologation of your products, where often the test report itself is prescribed

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Incident Reports

You can view the incident reports statics

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Quickly set up KPI’s that are important to you and your leadership to monitor overall progress. by individual our collective tests, issues generated on tests and their open/closed status, Issues assigned to groups or individuals and quickly find where the attention of your resources need to be focused.

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Event time reports

You can create reports to show the time allocated and/or spent on certain tasks or projects.

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User time reports

You can create and view reports on manpower for each project’s test execution.

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