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Transforming Verification Plan Management with Titan: Overcoming Traditional Challenges

In today’s fast-paced technological environment, managing verification plans (VPs) with outdated tools like spreadsheets or standalone systems can bog down your efficiency and clarity. In this blog, we will explore the common struggles faced by teams using traditional verification plan management methods and how Titan TLM revolutionizes this essential process.

Struggle 1: Starting from Scratch Every Time

  • Traditional methods: When creating a new VP, teams often start from scratch with no standardized templates or reusable components. This not only consumes valuable time but also leaves room for inconsistencies and errors during the setup phase.
  • How Titan solves it: Titan simplifies the initiation of VPs by providing a standardized, reusable repository. This allows teams to quickly select planned tests and integrate them into new verification plans. The system facilitates automatic linking to requirements and risks, and streamlines reviews and approvals, ensuring a consistent and efficient setup every time.

Struggle 2: Resource and Prototype Scheduling Nightmares

  • Traditional methods: Juggling separate calendars for verification plans, resources, and prototypes creates a complex puzzle. Teams struggle to align availability and handle conflicts, often resulting in miscommunications and scheduling mishaps.
  • How Titan solves it: With Titan's dynamic calendar, all types of resources—whether machines, human resources, or prototypes—are integrated and available for booking in one place. Titan not only helps manage conflicts but also suggests optimal resource assignments and notifies teams in real-time, eliminating the need for separate communication channels.

Struggle 3: The Domino Effect of Schedule Updates

  • Traditional methods: In traditional project management, an update in the schedule can have a domino effect on subsequent activities. Changing timelines, reallocating resources, and notifying everyone involved becomes a daunting task. This often leads to two undesirable options: delaying the project or compromising on quality.
  • How Titan solves it: Titan streamlines the process of updating schedules with just a click of a button. Its intuitive interface allows for quick rescheduling and reallocation of resources. Most importantly, Titan ensures that all stakeholders are instantly updated about the delay and its reasons, maintaining transparency across the board. This functionality not only mitigates the impact of delays but also helps maintain project quality and stakeholder confidence.

Struggle 4: Handling Work Orders

  • Traditional methods: Work orders related to test setups, logistics, or procurement are often managed manually, leading to a lack of transparency and potential delays that can derail the entire verification plan.
  • How Titan solves it: Titan seamlessly incorporates work orders into the testing workflow as manageable events. Dependencies among test events are clearly defined, enhancing transparency. Additionally, Titan’s electronic checklist feature standardizes and streamlines the data entry process, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Struggle 5: Tracking Progress and Burndown

  • Traditional methods: Monitoring the progress of verification plans and understanding project burndown rates is often a cumbersome and inaccurate process, which makes it difficult to identify and address slippage promptly.
  • How Titan solves it: Titan provides an overarching view of each verification plan's progress and the detailed status of individual tests. Project managers can easily access burndown charts to assess actual versus planned scenarios at any stage, enabling proactive management and adjustment of timelines and resources.


Switching from traditional verification plan management to Titan can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on setup, resource scheduling, work order management, and progress tracking. By integrating all aspects of verification plan management into a single, user-friendly platform, Titan not only enhances efficiency but also improves overall test accuracy and project delivery. Moreover, Titan’s capability to manage schedule updates seamlessly ensures that projects stay on track without compromising on quality. Embrace Titan and propel your project management capabilities into a new era of effectiveness and ease.

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