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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

How To Manage End-To-End Vehicle Test Process

Showing how TITAN helps in streamlining testing processes within steps.
Looking for a solution for managing test processes? TITAN can assist.

Testing Beyond Boundaries With TITAN

TITAN has established itself as a leader in vehicle test management, but did you know that TITAN is the ultimate testing solution, not just for vehicles but for components, subsystems, and systems from any industry? Hold onto your seats as we dive into the future of testing!

Engineered to masterfully handle testing at every phase of a system or component's lifecycle, TITAN brings to the table a comprehensive suite of capabilities:

  • Electrical Testing

  • Functional Testing

  • Durability Testing

  • Environmental Testing

  • Safety Testing

  • Regulatory Testing

  • Reliability Testing

Usually, the vehicle testing is done by a dedicated outsourced company or the by manufacturers themselves. Manually keeping a track of test schedules, correlating results, and updating testing progress is a daunting task. This is exacerbated with each team having their own workflows and reporting processes. The battery testing team might be using excel to manage their test plan and results, whereas the NVH testing team might be using a home-grown application to store test results.

The remedy? A centralized testing management hub, TITAN. A solution that streamlines end-to-end testing processes. It empowers teams to mold workflows while automating result tracking. Everything from vibration testing to system firmware characterization tests is easily managed in TITAN with its fully customizable and automated test management toolset and features.

The journey ahead? A road paved with synchronized efficiency and innovation, underpinned by TITAN's unifying capabilities. Prepare for a paradigm shift as TITAN's prowess extends beyond its automotive roots to reshape testing across the spectrum.

No more Testing Woes, TITAN to the Rescue

As systems become more complex with the rapid growth in technological advancements and market needs and demands, testing has become more exhaustive, complex, and time-consuming, starting from blueprint-level assessments to prototype and production phases. It is a crucial process that ensures safety and performance but handling it manually can be a nightmare. Outsourced companies or manufacturers themselves conduct the tests, each team following its workflows and reporting methods. Either excel sheets or home-grown applications - it is a recipe for chaos!

Make Risk Management a Breeze

Bid adieu to missing targets and uncertainties as TITAN now offers a game-changing risk management feature that seamlessly incorporates your system's DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis). But that's not all - we take it further by linking test cases within the TITAN environment providing ultimate risk management experience.

No more tangled spreadsheets or scattered data. With TITAN's revolutionary risk management, tracking risks and monitoring the status and results of test cases becomes a breeze. Stay on top of potential pitfalls and confidently ensure your system's safety.

Streamline Testing, Boost Efficiency

Across workshops, diverse staff tackle designated roles with interdependent test results. Manual management often leads to under-utilization or over-utilization of resources due to limited visibility. This inefficiency steals precious time. A testing management platform is the easy and productive solution, harmonizing vehicle testing labs, equipment, and resources seamlessly. Imagine a centralized testing management platform streamlining end-to-end processes, empowering teams to tailor workflows and automate outcomes. TITAN transforms this vision into reality! Avoid resource wastage and usher in an efficient, synchronized testing realm where teams operate swiftly, effectively, and within budget. The result brings in a serene landscape where precision, synchronization, and coherence reign, driven by TITAN's transformative capabilities.

Unlock Insights with Real-time Reports

Reporting is the key to assessing system performance, risks, requirements, and regulatory compliance. Once the test is executed, it takes the engineer anywhere between a week or longer to prepare a report, depending on the kind of tests executed. One must gather information scattered over multiple tools. Sometimes, critical information goes missing, and then he/ she must go manually compile the information into a report, contributing to delay and more efforts. How can vehicle testing teams harmonize the data and results across multiple co-dependent stages? In addition, using multiple data back and forth can create deadlock amidst teams, thereby hampering productivity.

Empowering vehicle testing teams with real-time data access, TITAN slashes report generation time to few minutes. TITAN unifies data from multifarious stages, streamlining reporting and fostering seamless team synergy. A revolution in testing, TITAN doesn't just ensure smooth operations—it delivers thoroughness, agility, and auditability. With TITAN, reporting ceases to be a bottleneck and becomes a catalyst for progress.

All-in-One Testing Solution

TITAN Test Lifecycle Management brings it all together in a single environment. Manage test articles, track their history, and schedule tests seamlessly with the Test Unit Management feature. Stay on top of your numerous tests using the Test Planning tool. With the Reports feature, create custom dashboards to track KPIs and quickly resolve test issues!

Are you ready to take your testing to the next level? Embrace the power of TITAN and witness a revolution in testing processes. No more hassles, no more delays, just streamlined and efficient testing like never before. TITAN is here to elevate your testing management and execution!

To know more about TITAN and its features and how it can help you, schedule a demo today.

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