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TITAN: An Engineer’s Ally

Greetings fellow engineers, we're excited to introduce your new ally, dedicated to your work satisfaction. Over the years, we have had meetings and discussions with 1000's of engineers across different industries. We have an acute understanding of the challenges faced by engineers daily: managing scattered data, combating manual entry errors, and tedious test reporting – these are just a few of the hurdles that often come between you and your true engineering tasks.

That's precisely why we developed TITAN.

TITAN is not just another tool; it's a solution tailored to address the unique challenges that engineers like you face daily. Let's take a closer look at how TITAN empowers engineers from an engineer's point of view.

Challenge 1: Communication Gaps

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In engineering, data can feel like it's playing hide-and-seek, bouncing between tools, systems, and even memories. As engineers, we need seamless collaboration, but this data shuffle can lead to misunderstandings and inefficiencies. This fragmentation creates communication gaps among team members and departments. Engineers need to collaborate seamlessly, but the scattered data makes it challenging to access critical information, leading to misunderstandings and inefficiencies. It's time data access ran as smoothly as a well-oiled machine.

TITAN's Solution: TITAN acts as a centralized data hub that unifies all engineering data and information in one accessible location. This eliminates communication gaps by ensuring that every team member can access the same data effortlessly. Whether it's test plan related activities, test schedule, resource bookings, test data, test results, or project updates, TITAN keeps everyone on the same page, fostering efficient collaboration and decision-making.

Challenge 2: Manual Data Entry Errors

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Engineers often need to manually input data into multiple tools and systems. This process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Even a small mistake in data entry can have significant consequences, leading to inaccuracies in design, testing, and analysis.

TITAN's Solution: TITAN automates data entry processes, reducing the reliance on manual input. It integrates with various engineering software and tools, ensuring that data flows seamlessly without human intervention. This automation not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of errors, enhancing data accuracy and reliability.

Challenge 3: Lost Data and Context

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Engineers frequently encounter situations where valuable data or critical context gets lost during project transitions or when multiple team members are involved. This loss of data and context can result in project delays, misunderstandings, and compromised decision-making.

TITAN's Solution: TITAN serves as a comprehensive data repository, preserving the entirety of your design verification plans and test journey. It eliminates duplication efforts, erases the need for repetitive entries, and empowers you to retrieve months-old information in mere seconds. This democratization of data across your team, all under precise permission controls, ensures nothing essential ever goes unnoticed or forgotten. This approach

significantly enhances project continuity and overall efficiency.

Challenge 4: Lengthy Test Reporting

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After conducting tests, engineers often spend a significant amount of time preparing detailed test reports. This manual and time-consuming process delays the analysis of results and the implementation of necessary improvements. This includes various steps, like the labor-intensive process of compilation, the reviewing and approving process, and the need for system reminders to ensure timely reporting.

TITAN's Solution: TITAN streamlines test reporting by automating data compilation and formatting. It stores all relevant data throughout the test's lifecycle, including preparation info, test conditions, inspections, facility, and equipment details. Engineers can maintain test report templates, ensuring efficiency and consistency. TITAN's checklist feature facilitates information capture and reuse, guaranteeing 100% repeatability. With TITAN's centralized knowledge repository, holding the test data and reports, organizations can effectively harness semantically rich data to pursue data-driven engineering.

Challenge 5: Resource Over-booking

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Resource scheduling and allocation, including test facilities, equipment, and personnel, can be complex. Engineers often face challenges with over-booking, last-minute rescheduling, and inefficient resource allocation, leading to disruptions in project timelines.

TITAN's Solution: TITAN optimizes resource management by providing real-time visibility into availability and allocation. Engineers can effortlessly schedule tests, allocate equipment, and coordinate personnel, reducing last-minute rescheduling and conflicts. TITAN's Calendar module is also a high-performing feature that visualizes all tests and events across resource types (test facility, equipment, users and test article), ensuring efficient resource usage and highlighting booking conflicts promptly. It's the ultimate solution for streamlined resource management.

Challenge 6: Complex Maintenance Management

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Coordinating and scheduling maintenance tasks across diverse equipment, facilities, and test articles can be a logistical nightmare for engineers. The complexity of maintenance management often leads to equipment downtime and delays in project execution.

TITAN's Solution: TITAN simplifies maintenance management with a comprehensive view of schedules and requirements. Engineers efficiently schedule and coordinate tasks, ensuring equipment and facilities remain operational. This minimizes downtime, reduces disruptions, and enhances project reliability. A standout feature is scheduling preventive maintenance and recurring calibrations in advance, visible on the calendar for easy tracking. Engineers no longer need to remember maintenance dates; the system proactively notifies them. Its maintenance made effortless.

In a Nutshell

TITAN tackles these engineering challenges by providing innovative solutions that empower engineers to focus on what they do best: engineering. It streamlines processes, enhances collaboration, and ensures that valuable data and context are never lost in the shuffle. With TITAN, engineers can work more efficiently, driving innovation and delivering high-quality products. Let TITAN empower you to follow your passion for engineering. It all begins by reducing the administrative burdens that have held you back for far too long. Remember, it's not just about solving these engineering enigmas; it's about unlocking engineering potential. With TITAN, that's precisely what we aim to achieve.

Explore how TITAN can help you regain control of your engineering tasks and lead the way in innovation and quality product development.

TITAN is the centralized knowledge repository, holding the test data and reports. This helps organization effectively use semantically-rich data to pursue data driven engineering.

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