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Standardization: Engineering Testing Should Be Standardized, too!

Engineering and IT executives are continually on the hook to deliver savings while streamlining processes and improving quality.

An opportunity that guarantees payback is standardizing on specific tools. The return on investment is immense; organizations that have standardized on a single CAD for design, for example, are enjoying the following benefits:

  • Game-changing Cost Savings
  • Improved Collaboration and Communication
  • Consistency and Quality Control

Your company’s myriad engineering testing processes are ripe for standardization. The challenge is HOW?

Titan, the test automation application developed by 12th Wonder, helps your organization win that challenge.

To get started, let’s look at where things stand right now. The testing processes in your organization have evolved organically based on the needs of each engineering team. Even though specific tools are required for each department, it’s likely that the high-level steps are similar. Each is likely to have a test initiation process, each schedules test resources, facilities, and equipment; each follows a test procedure, and each collects data and does reporting.

Next, we need to find a tool that enables standardization. Your organization may be considering the development of an in-house system to manage your testing processes. But starting from scratch can be a costly and time-consuming effort. Even after the development work is done, how current is its capability; who is ensuring that the application can anticipate and adapt to new directions in test life-cycle management? Working with many of the world’s largest OEM’s, Titan continually integrates best-practice features as part of its product roadmap. And of course, issues regarding maintenance, onboarding new teams, and help desk and training are resolved by partnering with Titan.

Titan is designed to automate and manage the following processes:

  • Test Scheduling
  • Test Planning
  • Test Execution
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Reporting
  • Data Control
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An investigation as to how each department currently does its testing is worthwhile. Titan can demonstrate how the tool can automate these steps for each individual team.

The next step is understanding how standardization occurs. The organization may select one or two teams to pilot the application. This would involve reviewing teams’ processes, documenting current steps, and transitioning these steps to Titan. Eventually, a process is defined to onboard additional engineering teams into Titan.

But please NOTE: Titan is NOT forcing square pegs into round holes!

Each of the functions within Titan has total customization capability; if Team One requires two approvals for test initiation and Team Two requires four, each can be accommodated. If Team One utilizes a completely different set of equipment than Team Two, both can exist within Titan. If Team One prefers to keep processes sequestered in an existing system and Team Two does not, Titan can manage it. The combination of managing the entire test lifecycle and the ability to customize unique group processes is what makes Titan so powerful.

Here are the benefits of aggregating your engineering teams on one platform:

  • Cost Savings: The elimination of costs and integration issues generated by standalone or home-grown applications. These systems can be subject to platform obsolescence or lack of human support.
  • Executive oversight: Managers can now compare apples to apples; they can finally understand and manage test costs of multiple engineering teams.
  • Flexibility: Having already interacted with Titan, employees transferring departments can hit the ground running.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration and data sharing with other engineering teams via Titan. Contact 12th Wonder today to help your organization calculate the return on investment for test standardization.

Your organization's testing processes may have evolved organically, but TITAN steps in to streamline and automate key stages, from scheduling and planning to execution and reporting. Rather than reinventing the wheel with an in-house system, Titan adapts to your unique needs and provides a robust, continually evolving solution to the challenge of standardizing your organization's testing processes.

Wondering what to do next? Contact 12th Wonder today to calculate the return on investment for test standardization. Schedule a demo to explore how Titan can assist you and include best practices as features within the platform. You no more have to face the time draining challenges; TITAN has got your back!

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