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Preventive Maintenance – Another Great Feature from Titan! 

A testing team understands that it is only as good as its equipment.  If equipment is neglected -- or maintained incorrectly -- the organization is at risk, especially during critical testing periods.  So, it makes sense for the team to develop a preventive maintenance process that keeps equipment in good working order. Preventive maintenance ensures a stable testing environment as regular maintenance tasks, (battery changes, lubrication, filter replacements, for example) are executed based on manufacturer recommendations.  The maintenance discipline ensures that companies can prevent equipment failures, minimize downtime, and extend the lives of these expensive and sensitive assets. 

Titan is the global leader in Test Life-cycle Management, but did you know it has preventive maintenance capability built in?  This feature can manage maintenance for all your equipment as well as the other items in your test facilities – literally ANY asset can be managed using Titan.  An enterprise-level maintenance application can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but the capability is already included in Titan. 

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Let’s look at the features: 

  • Equipment Management and Tracking: Manage equipment, including maintenance history and specs. Avoid booking assets that are undergoing planned maintenance. 
  • Maintenance Scheduling: Plan and manage maintenance tasks based on time or usage. Know when maintenance is approaching; visualize in the calendar. 
  • Maintenance History: Track equipment performance, identify issues. 
  • Security: Role-based access control to ensure data security and control over who can view and modify equipment information. 
  • Alerts and Notifications: Automated alerts and notifications for upcoming maintenance tasks. 
  • Integration with other Test Life-cycle Tasks: The maintenance feature is built WITHIN Titan.  No need to design and deploy special interfaces. 
  • Deployment Flexibility: Utilize the preventive maintenance feature during your initial Titan deployment, or whenever you are ready.  Deploy for your team, your department, or the organization. 
  • Auditing: Full reporting that documents all maintenance changes and actions. Titan acts as a single placeholder for all records. Audits become super easy.
  • Customization: Tailor Titan to your specific needs, including adding custom fields and workflows. 

Titan’s robust preventive maintenance capability adds a critical layer to its comprehensive suite of features making it a truly a global leader in end-to-end Test Life-cycle Management. Equipment is an integral component of your testing process -- it demands meticulous care – and Titan ensures that this care is seamlessly integrated into your workflow. Titan goes beyond its primary offerings, providing a holistic solution to safeguard the health and longevity of your valuable testing assets.  

From equipment management and tracking to automated alerts and notifications, Titan's preventive maintenance feature is designed to uphold the health of your testing environment.  

Take advantage of the preventive maintenance capability within Titan!  

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