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Meeting the Crash Testing Challenge

You get one chance to get a crash test right. There are no do overs. You need to ensure every step has been followed meticulously, checked and double checked.

So finding a one-stop test solution that’s entirely traceable, enables collaboration, captures data throughout the procedure, and assists in automating the report generation is the goal.

An end-to-end test management system called “Titan”, developed by 12th Wonder, meets that goal.

Titan expedites the testing process by automating and managing the planning, execution, and reporting phases. Developed on a robust scheduling and workflow platform, engineers can request tests, manage vehicles and facilities, and reserve manpower and equipment. Tech supervisors can assign resources, view tests in process, and provide status updates. Engineering managers can approve tests, monitor test progress, and review reporting -- all within Titan. State-of-the-art ATD management is standard.

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Titan can improve productivity both in preparation and analysis.

The complexity of vehicle crash testing has increased dramatically. Ongoing advancements in automotive technology, innovative material breakthroughs, and regulatory oversight require thorough and precise testing to ensure effectiveness throughout the process.

The evolution of your organization’s testing process mirrors the growth of crash test complexity. Hard-copy checklists, volumes of processes, and incomplete solutions consisting of home-grown applications accommodate current processes but inhibit automation. Titan solves this challenge. Here’s how we do it:

Eliminate email requests and approvals to initiate tests.

  • Avoid the hassle of initiating tests via email. Titan automates the test request process, soliciting the appropriate approvals during every step.

Schedule testing resources, facilities, vehicles, and ATD’s in advance.

  • During the test initiation process, resources, facilities, dummies, and other necessary equipment are reserved as they have already been entered into the Titan system (Titan migrates this information quickly and accurately into the application using export files).

Move test instructions from hard copy to tablet; Integrate the volume of instructions by migrating all instructions online.

  • Myriad sets of instructions are documented in spreadsheets, exist in hard-copy, or are stored digitally in unintegrated applications. In Titan, the appropriate test checklist can be summoned at the click of a button. Existing processes are edited and new processes added directly into Titan.
  • TITAN’s Test Catalog Management feature tool governs the setup of your test vehicle, instrumentation requirements, and ATD positioning data.

Reduce the amount of time required to publish test reports, a critical step in the compliance process.

  • Using its automated features, Titan can compile data and publish reporting at the click of a button.
  • With built-in workflow already integrated into Titan, engineers, technicians, and managers can review, approve, and distribute the reports. To improve data collection, Titan may be able to store data directly from the testing devices.

In addition to the process automation benefits gained by deploying Titan, the application also features state-of-the art ATD management. With the advance of autonomous vehicle, free motion and pedestrian ATD’s, the job is becoming more complex. ATD scenarios, channels, integration with data acquisition system, and hit count trackers -- all of these features now are available within Titan. And of course, operational features like check-out, check-in tracking, and preventive maintenance work orders are standard on the product.

By putting Titan to work, end-to-end test time is reduced significantly, and with less possibility of error. An automated, ongoing audit of all the steps in the test ensures 100% traceability.

Titan is a proven solution for manufacturers looking to improve crash testing throughout and accuracy.

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