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Eliminate Productivity Killers with TITAN 

Test Coverage with Enhanced Product Quality

"Innovation blooms when engineers are freed from administrative chains." - Steve Jobs.

Administrative tasks are often the silent killers of productivity, diverting engineering teams from their core mission: driving product improvement, identifying cost savings, and forging next-generation innovations. Unfortunately, the processes developed to manage engineering activities can sometimes hinder these essential actions. 

Testing is a pivotal activity within any engineering environment, where the speed and quality of execution are directly influenced by the testing processes in place. This is where TITAN steps in, offering best-practice features to support and standardize test lifecycle management, thus significantly reducing the administrative load. 

Identifying Productivity Leaks: 

  • Initiating a Test: The initiation of a test request often involves a cumbersome process of emails and spreadsheets, requiring approvals from numerous engineers and managers. Transitioning from this inefficient method to a workflow application is a step in the right direction, enabling the automation of approval requests and procedural steps. However, the integration of this workflow with other test functions, such as resource scheduling, is essential for maximum efficiency. 
  • Scheduling Resources: After setting a testing date, the availability of resources becomes the next hurdle. The process of rescheduling based on the availability of technicians, equipment, and materials can be tedious. TITAN simplifies this process by automatically managing and scheduling these valuable testing resources, ensuring availability is always taken into account. 
  • Test Instructions: Technicians often rely on spreadsheets from shared systems, outdated emails, or even hard copies to understand test procedures. TITAN streamlines this process by attaching a complete set of procedures to each request within the application, allowing technicians to easily follow instructions directly on their screens. Should any questions or concerns arise, technicians can promptly flag the procedure and communicate with engineers through the application. 
  • Collecting and Sharing Test Results: TITAN excels in automating the collection and reporting of test results. With its built-in workflow capabilities, reports can be swiftly circulated and reviewed at all levels, incorporating features that allow reviewers to edit, comment on, and highlight key information. Moreover, TITAN facilitates the customized collection of data directly from testing equipment, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of test results. 

Bringing It All Together: 

Automating these activities individually can lead to significant time and cost savings. However, the integration of these features amplifies efficiency exponentially. While many engineering teams have adopted partially automated solutions, TITAN offers a comprehensive application that ties all these functions together, multiplying quality efficiencies and cost savings. 

Experience TITAN's Full Potential: 

We invite you to contact the Titan team for a demonstration of TITAN’s full capabilities. Start plugging the productivity leaks and revolutionize your engineering processes today.


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