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Driving Success of TITAN at Automotive Expo 2023

At the recent Automotive Expo 2023 in Novi, Michigan, our showcase of the upgraded TITAN at booth 12056 was a resounding success. We engaged with industry professionals, providing insights into our comprehensive tool for end-to-end Product V&V processes. TITAN's evolved features, including enhanced risk management and an intuitive scheduling calendar, garnered significant attention. Visitors experienced firsthand how TITAN streamlines product development, offering efficient risk management, precise testing, and seamless asset and inventory management. The event was a resounding success, with attendees gaining invaluable insights from Ajay Krishnamurthy, CEO of 12W, on leveraging engineering tools for effective product
development on 25th October 2023.

Exhibition Date: 24th-26th October 2023.

Key Takeaways:

  • TITAN Evolution: Enhanced risk management, intuitive scheduling, upgraded testing redefine product development.
  • Ajay's Insight: Founder Ajay Krishnamurthy addresses V-Curve challenges, showcasing TITAN's alignment with key stages.
  • TITAN's Impact: Streamlining development, TITAN ensures precise testing, asset management, and simplified inventory.