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Test Lifecycle

 The adaptable platform that lets you validate products,


01 | Planning

Set verification requirements and plan the detailed course of action for achieving
them successfully.

02 | Scheduling

Schedule your test with 100% accountability. Assign resources and have them informed in real-time.

03 | Execution

Standardize your preparation process and manage your test cases execution. Monitor the results and defects.

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04 | Data Management

Build a data culture. Automatically organize data structurally & in standardized manner with context, to your advantage.

05 | Data Analysis

Efficient test data management system helps in searching, reusing, processing and querying the stored data.

06 | Reporting

Create automated test reports, performance reports and statistical reports in seconds. Innovate more, faster!


Traceability matrix
Titan  App UI (verification hub V3) copy.png
Titan  App UI( Test Coverage V1).png
req analysis

Requirement Analysis

Trace, record, analyze, and prioritize the requirements to successfully fulfil all product testing goals.

All-in-one verification hub to optimize your product testing process 

Verification Planning

Easily verify your product's performance per the requirements defined by engineers during the design phase. You can also easily track progress while the test is going on.

Maximum Test Coverage

Test coverage improves the quality of test cases while you create and reuse the same test cases several times. All you have to do is change the testing parameters with different values.  

Traceability Matrix

The TITAN traceability matrix helps keep track of every level of testing, enables 100% test coverage for all business and functional requirements, updates all requirements status in real-time, and analyzes the impact of requirement changes.

Learn more about test procedures with Titan...

Learn more about Verification Planning

Learn more about Test Coverage

Learn more about Traceability

Test Management

Enjoy an easy-to-use system to streamline the entire test scheduling process from receiving test requests, to filtering and assigning them to a resource, and finally  executing the test.

Orchestrate your testing schedule, collaborate with teams, and take advantage of optimum resource allocation

Titan  App UI (Scheduling V3) copy.png

Process Standardization

Standardize and effortlessly map all your business processes to streamline operation with more accountability and zero ambiguity. No matter how stringent or complex your testing environment is, Titan offers a seamless experience, every time!

Team Collaboration and Conflict Management

Enable your teams to interact effectively, keep track of resources in real-time and avoid double-booking while minimizing conflicts between teams over testing resources.

Titan  App UI (Process standardisation V3).png

Learn more about test management with Titan...

Learn more about test process Standardization  with Titan...

Learn more about scheduling in Titan

Prototype Management

Meet the needs of your users by testing your prototype with real consumers and validating your product concept before development. An ideal tool for prototype specifications management and tracking them for every test run.

assets & resources
Work Order
Prototype Mgmt

Embrace the robust features that make test management a cakewalk for your team

Assets and Resource Management

Automatically manage your test lab, conduct equipment inventory, manage preventive maintenance schedule and derive insights into a lab's performance to boost productivity and update the team on test lab specifications.

Integrated Work Order Management

Track the work order process, use various work orders associated with your assets, test articles, build, and report progress to requesters, so they know the value you produce.

Learn more about features with Titan...

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project insights 2.png
kpi 2.png
incident mgmt 2.png
data mgmt 2.png
automated reports 2.png

One platform to monitor your Test Lifecycle Insights in real-time, analyze data, generate value-added reports, and more.

Automated Reports

- Use multiple report templates

- Review and Approved/Reject using TITAN

- Store & release in the system

Project Insights

- Requirement Traceability

- Burndown chart

- Actual Vs Planned

Data Management

- Store & Reuse

- Rich meta-data

- Democratize data

Incident Management

- Capture incidents & concerns

- Assign & prioritize

- Resolve & secure insights

KPI Dashboard

- Lead time

- Over due

- Utilization


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TITAN is accelerating digital transformation

It's all about creating engaging experiences, fostering collaboration, and building a happier workplace

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Turnaround time reduced

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in error rate

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Increase in operational efficiency

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Increase in collaboration productivity

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Decrease in quality issues

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Time saved to search & reuse information

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CASE STUDY: Simpson Strong-
Tie reduces administrative ...

CASE STUDY: Simpson Strong-
Tie reduces administrative ...


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