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We are thrilled to feature Ajay Krishnamurthy, Founder and CEO of 12W, as a speaker at the Automotive Expo 2023. Ajay will share insights on "Leveraging Engineering Tools for Effective Product Development. In his session, Ajay will address the challenges posed by the V-Curve model in product development. This model highlights the complexity of seamlessly connecting various stages, which many companies currently operate in silos.  

In today's dynamic engineering landscape, the right tools are game changers. Ajay's session explores how tools like TITAN empower teams to navigate complex product development efficiently. He maps the TITAN offerings with the critical stages of the V-curve model. Discover how TITAN enhances risk and requirement management, optimizes scheduling, ensures precise test execution, and simplifies test data management and reporting. 

Ajay's session is a must-attend for engineering professionals and project managers aiming to excel in product development. Join us at the event for insights on leveraging engineering tools for success in the automotive industry across domains. 

For over a decade, working closely with product development teams, we understand this complexity, which is why we've developed TITAN, aligning perfectly with the V-Curve model.


Leveraging engineering tools like TITAN is the cornerstone of achieving excellence in product development. It empowers teams to navigate complexities efficiently, streamline workflows, and make data-driven decisions. By attending this session you'll gain invaluable insights into harnessing these tools for success in the automotive industry and beyond. 

Experience TITAN's Next Level: New Features, New Possibilities 

Welcome to the space where we talk about our upcoming event, Automotive Expo 2023 in Novi, Michigan. At booth 12056, we are excited to introduce you to the upgraded TITAN, a game-changing and comprehensive tool to manage end-to-end Product V&V processes. Because when it comes to innovation, we never stop! 

Enhanced Risk and Requirement Management: TITAN has evolved to meet the growing needs of engineering teams like yours. It understands that risk and requirement management are crucial pillars in the product development process. Over the years, TITAN has grown to become more intuitive, efficient, and comprehensive in these areas. 


Intuitive Calendar for Scheduling: Our intuitive calendar simplifies scheduling, reservations, resource swaps, and conflict avoidance. Optimize your team's time and testing resource utilization effortlessly. 

Upgraded Test Templates and Checklist: TITAN's test templates now feature an enhanced checklist, ensuring meticulous test execution. Reduce errors and enhance overall product quality. Plus, stay on top of your progress with intuitive progress tracking features. 

Complete Asset Management Suite: TITAN offers a comprehensive suite of asset management capabilities, extending to include ATD management, covering the end-to-end crash test lifecycle. We've got you covered from managing test facilities and equipment to ensuring the seamless execution of the entire crash test process. 

Inventory Management Solution: TITAN is your solution for effective inventory management, bridging the gap in centralized maintenance management. Whether it's tracking part utilization, managing stock efficiently, or conducting comprehensive audits, TITAN ensures that your inventory is well-managed at every level. 

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